The Project Scorpio (X Box) is now out

Microsoft couldn’t wait until E3 in June to unveil the Scorpio. So the company shared some details with Digital Foundry. And we now know all the spec techs of the Project Scorpio. As expected, it’s going to be by far the most powerful gaming console out there.

The console GPU will be able to process six trillion floating point operations per second, or six teraflops for short. It’s 4.5 times more powerful than an Xbox One, and 1.4 time more powerful than a PlayStation 4 Pro.

This means Xbox One games that aren’t able to sustain their frame rates on that console have “a really good chance of doing so on Scorpio.” However, it is noted that games that are designed to run at 30 FPS won’t just start running at 60 FPS, as it is the software itself that decides the target. Scorpio doesn’t have the capability of unlocking a cap.

On the subject of screen tearing, Microsoft says that “you will never see a torn frame, because we have enough performance there to ensure that.”

Games that use dynamic scaling to adjust their resolutions based on what’s happening on-screen also stand to benefit, as Scorpio should allow them to reach their maximum resolution at all times. Texture filtering, meanwhile, has been improved since Project Scorpio can overwrite “all bilinear and all trilinear fetches to be anisotropic.”

The 31% CPU boost means that loading times in existing games will be “fundamentally faster.” This is because the CPU is capable of decompressing assets streamed from the hard drive quicker. Additionally, the hard disk speed is 50% quicker so that 4K textures can be delivered faster. Naturally, Xbox One and Xbox 360 games also benefit from this.

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