So far 20 million people have downloaded the BHIM app, learn how to use

The download of the Bhim App launch, which was launched on 31 December 2016, has crossed the 2 million mark. This information was given by Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Policy Commission. Let us know that in order to use the BHIM app, the user does not have to have an internet connection. With the help of this, people can link their mobile to a bank account and make money transactions. At the same time, this app was made available only on Android. But later it was also launched at Apple Store.

How to use BHIM app?

1. Download and install BHIM app with NPCI developers from Google Play Store.
2. Here you have to choose the language.
3. Then enter the phone number for verification.
4. After verification, set the password and then choose your bank. Let me tell you that this bank has 30 bank support.
5. If you have a UPI number then it will take information from this mobile number and if not, you can create it.
6. Anyone who has an account with your mobile number will detect this app and your account will appear on your screen. You have to click on it.
7. After clicking, you need to set UPI pin. For this you have to put the last 6 digits of your debit card and expiry date.
8. After this your UPI PIN will be generated.
9. After that you go to the main menu. Here are three options: Send, Request, Scan and Pay Milles.
10. Enter the receiver’s UPI number for the payment of money, insert the amount, post any one aftermarket.
11. Then enter your UPI PIN and click Request Balance.

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