Apple will remove uber app from i phone, big decision taken from fear of data theft

The legendary iPhone maker Apple has decided to remove the Uber App from its iPhone. According to a New York Times report this information has come up. It is believed that the company has taken this decision in view of privacy. According to the information, there is such a defect in the Uber App, through which the iPhone can be tracked. Through this all the data on the iPhone can be stolen. Not only this, the phone was being tracked from Uber’s side even after deleting the app from the iPhone.

Actually this case is about the beginning of 2015. In which it was being said that despite recovering data from the iPhone, the Uber app is able to track the iPhone. Through which Uber drivers had bought the lost iPhone and made their account through fingerprint. Which is against Apple’s security rules. This step is being taken by Apple to stop this fraud. After that, according to a NYT report, Apple CEO Tim Cook threatened Uruguay CEO Travis Clanic to remove the recovering app from an app store during a meeting.

How does the app track iPhone?

According to the information, Uber used to track iPhone through fingerprinting. For this, developers first had to get permission from Apple to track users with the help of Unique Device Identifier or UDID. Through which the recovery could easily track the iPhone. But keeping the user’s security in mind, the company changed its UDID to another variant in 2013.

At present Apple has not given any feedback on this report. But Uber’s spokesman said in a statement, “We do not track the user’s location at all after deleting the app. What has been said in the story of the New York Times is done to avoid fudging and to avoid installing Uber app in the stolen phone. Similar technology is also used to detect and block the accounts of suspicious users by saving users’ accounts.

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