Apple has built an augmented reality team for iPhone 8

Bengaluru: Analysts have previously hinted the inclusion of augmented reality-related features in the upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone. Adding to those claims, Bloomberg too has now reported that the upcoming device may become the vanguard of augmented reality in iPhones.

Bloomberg says that Apple has built a team including experienced hardware and software developers to push the AR efforts in its devices. The group was led by a former Dolby Laboratories executive and the group includes formers members from Oculus and HoloLens divisions that are currently under Facebook and Microsoft respectively.

Also mentioned is that the Cupertino-based tech firm is simultaneously working on several AR-based devices. However we might see the first glimpse of AR in the upcoming iPhone model.

Last month BGR website reported that Apple is working closely with a company called Lumentum, which develops 3D sensing technology.

The report also talks about the Apple’s augmented reality glasses. There is currently no word on its development but a popular tech evangelist Robert Scoble recently said that Apple is working with Carl Zeiss for a lightweight AR glasses.

Bloomberg, in previous reports has mentioned that the glasses may have the ability to capture a picture and change the depth of objects inside it later. One of the features could also bring the ability to put virtual objects on a person, something similar to what Snapchat does.

There have been reports that Apple’s 10th year edition may be called ‘iPhone 8’ or ‘iPhone X’ . But a recent report claimed the device to come with the ‘iPhone Edition’ moniker. The device will come alongside iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus. It is expected to sport a 5-inch display. The company is said to be testing various materials for the model including glass, aluminium and ceramics.

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