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Indo-Asian News Service or IANS is a private Indian news agency.

Technical writer with relevant experience of one year. He has written several reviews, latest technology news articles and high-level documentation. You can contact Vikrant at

Bharath S, editor-in-chief at, has forayed in the politics for over two years. Bharath has a fair understanding of the complex profile of the Indian political scenario and enjoys his work in this direction. Contact:

Breaking Local NewsStaff members are dedicated in providing headlines from Every Nook and Corner of India.

Arjun Malik spends his teenage years playing all sport badly and watching all sport intently. Breaking Local News was nice enough to give him a job reporting sport nearly 1 year ago and he's stayed put; watching, talking, broadcasting and writing about it. Contact:

Gaming Editor at Breaking Local News. Also an enthusiastic Gamer and a bucketload of video games. Contact:

A multitasker, Karthik Bharadwaj covers education, examinations and local government news in India. He also occasionally pens stories on examination boards.

Breaking Local News came into existence in the year 2017 when a group of Engineering Students decided to become entrepreneurs. Dedicated to providing users with unbiased and well-suited information, Breaking Local News team is truly ahead in breaking the ice on any news. We believe that every information ever produced should not be contaminated and biased. We, at, offer you unbiased information from around the globe and India.

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