Such a cycle of time, Bangalore on the river and also on the floor

It is said that time is very strong and when someone’s time changes, he reaches the floor or comes to the floor on the floor. This happened with the RCB team in IPL 27 last night also. Virat’s heroes got stacked one by one and Bangalore’s team made the record for being the lowest run-scorer in the IPL for a run of 49 runs. The funny thing is that no player of this team has touched the tenth digit.

Record against the record-making team
There was such a whim of time on Virat’s army that even after being more than one, this team was disintegrated like the cards of the cards. But before Bangalore, the record of being dismissed for the lowest run in IPL was the name of Rajasthan Royals. This happened in the second season of the IPL, when the tournament was played in India in The Africa, outside of India. The team of Rajasthan Royals got reduced to just 58 runs against the Bangalore team. This means that before yesterday, the record of coiling any team on the lowest scores in IPL was the first name of Bangalore. But the wheel of time became such that this embarrassing record was made against the team that made this record.

Bangalore on the shores, Bangalore on the floor

The team of Bangalore has taken another unique record with it. Now the smallest score of the IPL has been recorded. In addition, the biggest score of IPL is also his name. IPL’s biggest score (263 runs) was made in 2013 against Pune Warriors on his home ground.

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