People of Delhi – NCR will feel shock the next day of MCD result

On Thursday (April 27th) the next day after the results of the three municipal elections, people of Delhi and NCR are going to face a big setback. On April 27, the recommendations of the Fourth Rental Chartered Committee of Delhi Metro Rail will be stamped. After this new rent may be applicable from the first fortnight of May.

According to sources, the meeting of the DMRC Board has been convened on April 27, in which the report of the fourth metro rent assessment committee is being considered to be stamped. Before this, the report of the committee was placed twice before the agenda of the Metro Board, but it was postponed because of the MCD election.

In addition to the recommendation of the rent-fixation committee for the minimum fare ranging from Rs 8 to Rs 10 and Rs 30 to Rs 30, apart from Singapore, Hong Kong Metro for property development, Clock room on Metro station, luggage in metro station Cabin placement and housing and commercial construction has also recommended to go forward.

Now the voting for the MCD election has been completed and on 26th April the code of conduct will also end. There is a possibility that notification will be issued soon after the approval of the Delhi government and the center after the board stamp.

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