Delhi MCD Election Results: BJP sweeps all three corporations

The BJP has won a historic victory in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections, keeping the victory sequence forward. In the triangular contest of 270 seats, the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress had to face defeat. He has got a huge majority in all three MCD bodies. Of the 270 seats, BJP has won 181 seats. But you and Congress have only 45 and 26 seats in the account.

For the first time, ‘AAP’, who contested the Delhi MCD election, was in second place, while Congress slipped to third place. In two MCD, Congress and you did not get even the seats worth the opposition. Let’s know, a hallmark of the results of the three MCDs.

EDMC: BJP’s victory over 49 out of 63 seats
63 out of 64 seats of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) have come out, out of which BJP has won big on 49. You have to satisfy only nine seats. Congress got 3 seats and BSP got 2 seats. Here, the second and the Congress are at the third position.

Significantly, most of the party’s big leaders live in East Delhi Municipal Corporation area. The Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi also lives in this area and the party has dominated the region. The party has got success in about two-thirds of the 64 seats here.

SDMC: BJP gets two-thirds majority
Of the 104 seats of Southern Delhi Municipal Corporation, BJP has won 72 seats. You have won 15 seats and Congress 10 seats. In addition to these four seats, Indian National Lok Dal and Samajwadi Party candidates have won the independents and one seat each.

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