Recently, Salman Khan has announced that his business management will own his brother Sohail.

Anupriya Verma, Mumbai Salman Khan’s family, friends, friends and fans are so special, it has been seen itself repeating Salman itself. But if any of his heart is closest, then he is his mother Salma Khan. Salman Khan has repeatedly reiterated the fact that he is always looking for such a girl in his life, which is like his mother.

She wants to carry the shadow of the mother along with her on every step of her life. That is why now another new beginning is going to Salman. He has also added his name to his production company as well as his blessings. If you had watched the poster released by Tolly Lite, then in the new movie ‘Tula Lite’ under the banner of Kabir Khan’s Salman Khan Productions, Salman Khan added the name of his mother Salma as a producer. And now the new news is that Salman will be the name of Salma as the first producer in all the upcoming films, then Salman will add his name.
It is an interesting coincidence that till now Salman has instituted many actresses in this industry and this time this is the first time that the most important woman of her life is going to introduce her mother to the world who has given her a glimpse of this world. . Clearly, Salman’s mother Salma is not happy with any identity or opportunity. But Salman wants to give a gift to his mother by doing so. Clearly, before today, Salman has not used the mother’s name in his films because he knows that adding a mother’s name will be a big responsibility, then she will name the mother’s name in any such reliable project. They are also confident about whom.

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