The Xbox One X, the significantly more powerful version of Microsoft’s current-generation gaming console, is almost here. The system will launch worldwide next Tuesday, Nov. 7, but Microsoft sent us a review unit ahead of time so we could bring you our impressions of the hardware upgrade.

We can’t tell you about the Xbox One X just yet, due to embargo restrictions. But we recently took some glamour shots of the new console — including some alongside its older current-generation brothers — and we’re able to share them with you right now.

The Xbox One X isn’t the best-looking piece of electronics equipment ever made. It’s very similar in appearance to last year’s Xbox One S, but we prefer the older console’s striking white color to the more traditional black finish of the Xbox One X. Regardless, it is impressive in its size (or lack thereof), especially when compared to the launch Xbox One model.

Microsoft bills the Xbox One X as “the smallest console we’ve ever made,” which is remarkable considering how powerful the device is, even if the Xbox One X is only a hair slimmer than the Xbox One S. Both of them are approximately 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One. See how all three consoles stack up below!


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